The Gulf of Mexico Tryptich

george magalios gulf of mexico triptych

Mexican Stepchild, oil on glass, 8″ x 11″, 2013

George Magalios Studios announces the completion of The Gulf of Mexico Tryptich, a series of three paintings exploring the color green. The paintings, abstract oils on broken glass, were completed on what was once a table covering.

George Magalios explains: “The glass covering my antique dining table broke due to excessive heat after I placed a hot pan on it. The break was along a beautiful curved line that create a fantastic edge to two pieces. I later broke a small section off one of the larger pieces and ended up with three interesting pieces of glass that I could not bring myself to recycle.”



George Magalios on Asmathematics

George Magalios has been profiled on Asmathematics ( The article, written by Barbara Gravelle, is called “George Anastasios Magalios: Multiple Perceiver”. It highlights Extra Venous, a 2005 oil on canvas and part of The Biological Line series of paintings.

New Directional Forces Article on Hilton Kramer

George Magalios is working on a new article on Directional Forces, the official journal of George Magalios Studios. The article will address an article written by Mira Schor in the February issue of Artforum. The article addresses the legacy of Robert Hughes and Hilton Kramer. More coming soon.